Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

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    Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

    Security nowadays has become increasingly modernized.

    The only constant these days are advancements and transformations, so there are more ways today for people to have their valuables as assets safeguarded.

    Because almost everything nowadays is shifting to the new and digital age, the locks on doors have also now gone with the trend.

    Hence, there are more modern electronic devices in the market.

    Even so, we cannot be fully assured which of them are more secure and reliable.

    In terms of mechanical loves vs electronic locks, a thorough analysis is a must.

    Mechanical Locks

    A mechanical lock is usually the first thing that comes to mind if you think of a door lock.

    They are the usual standard locks for the door.

    Because this type of lock has been utilized for ages, it is the first instinct of homeowners to employ such locks as a means of basic security.

    In contrast to electronic locks, these locks are not necessarily required to have electricity or batteries so they can operate.

    Types of Mechanical Locks

    Mortise Lock

    This type of lock is a traditional one that you can easily purchase in hardware stores.

    You only need a pocket to be attached to the door for it to provide security.

    While it can provide a certain degree of security, it can also be quite difficult to install.

    Cylinder Lock

    The cylinder lock is perhaps one of the most common types of lock available.

    This one comes with various cylinder formats for various levels of security.

    However, these locks can also be susceptible to snapping – a situation where pressure is given so that the locks break themselves.

    Spring Bolt

    A spring bolt is a type that is equipped with a bolt that is filled with springs and is angled at the bottom.


    This one is a lock bolt that is moved by just turning a particular key or knob without having to use a spring.

    This particular type of lock requires a key so it can open.

    Electronic Locks

    Electronic locks are locks that no longer require a key.

    It has features that are automatic, such as the remote unlocking and locking of the door.

    Moreover, electronic locks can be operated or monitored through the use of a smartphone.

    Types of Electronic Locks

    Coded Entry

    The most common type of electronic lock is the coded entry.

    For this, you only need a keypad that is typically placed at the door’s exterior, where a code is entered so it can be unlocked.

    Smartphone-operated Lock

    From the nature of the name itself, this one requires a smartphone so it could operate.

    This type of lock can remotely be operated from anywhere.

    Furthermore, it requires a specific application so it could pre-set the lock and the unlock times.

    Some of these locks also allow for monitoring so you can easily receive alerts whenever someone tries to break into the property.


    The door locks that are biometric are operated through fingerprints.

    This way all you have to do is to place the finger for you to enter the room.

    There are also some other biometric options, which includes voice activation and eye scanners. Yet, they can still be costly.

    Key fob or key card

    A key fob or a key car is the type of locks that are electronic, so they only need for you to touch the key fob or the keycard to the touchpad.


    When it comes to security, you have the ability to choose one of the above-mentioned types.

    However, it is still best for you to look for the right grade lock for your security.

    There are three grades, the first grade provides a high level of security, while the second grade is pretty much standard, and the third grade is basic.

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