Our Guide To Lock Grades

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    Our Guide To Lock Grades

    The quality of the locks also affects the quality of the security that we have at our home or in our business.

    Most people overlook this aspect in security, which plays a huge part in the security of the property itself.

    Although they can be both large and small, it is common sense that locks are the first level of defense from the dangers that lurk outside.

    People, especially nowadays, are increasingly becoming more cautious, and they are able to sleep safe and sound only when they know that the locks are doing a great job in protecting the home.

    As a result, we should note that it is essential that we choose the locks that we have on our property smartly.

    Given this, it is also incredibly important that lock grades are considered.

    The first thing that should be understood when it comes to the understanding of the lock grades is that not every lockout there can offer the same quality.

    The locks that are bought from the local hardware store can be cheap but they cannot be compared to the locks that are provided by professionals in the field.

    The locks can vary generally in the aspect of quality.

    To give you some pointers, here is our guide to lock grades:

    Lock Quality and Lock Grades

    In order for us to understand how the locks are classified into various grades, we should also understand how the quality of these locks is measured.

    There are main categories that determine the quality of the lock, along with its durability.

    One of these categories is the cycle count.

    It is the number of times that a lock can be utilized before the hardware falls apart.

    The other category includes functional strength, which refers to the durability and strength of the lock in the aspect of its functionality.

    Another one is security, which identifies how the lock is able to secure the property.

    Finally, there is the category of dimension, which is the size measurements of the lock overall, as well as the requirements for its finishing.

    The grades for the lock are provided by the BHMA or the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

    This is an organization that is known nationally for its part as well as leadership in ensuring the quality and performance of the builders for hardware.

    Moreover, the organization has developed a grading system for the hardware so that locks can be classified properly by quality and durability.

    Given this, it is indeed essential that lock grades are given importance when it comes to the identification of the proper lock depending on your needs.

    Hardware Grades

    The 1st grade is identified to be heavy-duty commercial.

    The 2nd grade is known to be light-duty commercial.

    Lastly, the 3rd grade is classified as residential.

    The Right Lock For You

    Every grade is created to meet a certain set of requirements as well as needs.

    In this case, locks that are under the 3rd grade are locks that are known only to provide the basic form of security.

    They are also the locks that can be bought at a local hardware store for cheap.

    However, if you are looking for locks that can provide a higher level of security, then the 1st and 2nd grades are much better for you.

    You need to consider the needs in terms of looking for the right locks for the home and the business.

    As such, if you want to have your home secured, then you should opt for a 2nd-grade lock for the doors outside.

    Moreover, if you want the locks to be used inside, you can also choose the 3rd grade for minimum security.

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