Rekeying Your Business In Durham: What You Should Know

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    Rekeying Your Business In Durham

    Despite the fact that the new business might appear secure through the use of some set of good locks and keys, it only actually takes one wrong person to pick up a lost key or steal one.

    The building could be largely susceptible to theft as well as break-ins whenever this happens.

    That is why it is really important that when such a thing occurs, you should call for a rekeying service.

    For the business, it is essential that you enforce maximum security.

    This is because businesses typically have a large number of valuables and data where a security breach could be detrimental.

    Hence, as a guide, here are some tips.on rekeying your business in Durham: What you should know.

    Previously-owned Buildings

    When purchasing a relatively old building that has been utilized for operation by another business, there is a possibility that the building may have keys that are still being passed around.

    For instance, there might be employees and suppliers who still have access to keys.

    New Buildings

    Despite thinking that purchasing a new building means no longer having to rekey, you are actually wrong.

    The property may still be accessed by the workers who worked on the building, along with some real estate agents.

    So there is a chance that they might still have keys to the building.

    Quality of Keys

    Even when you think you have all the keys to the property, you may still want to inspect the existing keys and locks.

    You have to ensure that the current keys are turning and locking with ease.

    If they are difficult to open and are not properly functioning, then it could be a sign of a security risk.

    Furthermore, you also have to look out for signs of aging on your locks and keys.

    Keys that are too old may suddenly break while they are still inside the lock.

    When to Rekey?

    It is very important that you identify when it might be a good time for you to have the office rekeyed.

    While you might want to consider a rekeying service when moving into a new building, there might also be other times when it is still essential for you to have to rekey.

    For example, if there are a specific number of employees that were laid off recently or new employees that have recently been hired as well, it is impossible for you to keep track of the keys.

    Even the systems sometimes that promise the best quality for tracking keys can still have mishaps and glitches.

    As such, if you have some doubts about who has access to the office, then it is best to reach out to a locksmith in Durham for a rekey.

    You can also never know if there is an employee who has keys but left on bad terms.

    Rekeying simply is a precaution.

    Existence of New Technology

    One of the reasons why you need to consider having the office rekeyed by a locksmith is the presence of new technology.

    There are other office buildings out there that are old which may still utilize the old class key system.

    In this old system, the individuals are tasked to use metal keys in a lock so they can unlock the door.

    However, due to the new advancements, the security system has also been upgraded.

    Nowadays, people now have various access systems, such as digital card readers and keypads that only need codes.

    There is also a master key system.

    Regardless of what type of new system you want right now, it is always best to upgrade your security.

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    Rekeying your business in Durham: What you should know is but a simple guide.

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