How Often Should A Business In Durham Rekey Its Locks?

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    How Often Should A Business In Durham Rekey Its Locks?

    A person who is running an office building makes it a priority to note that there are a lot of locks for the doors, the file cabinets, and other areas where the valuables are stored.

    These locks are accessed by means of keys, and so there might be those keys that are often used for access by the employees as well as the contractors in the company.

    Given that, it might be impossible if the keys have to be changed when someone is given new access to the keys.

    Furthermore, rekeying the locks whenever an employee is laid off is expensive and inefficient, more so for the business as a whole.

    Given this, the question remains: how often should a business in Durham rekey its locks?


    If there are really no immediate risks to the building, then it is a good idea to have the locks rekeyed with a good level of consistency.

    Caution is recommended in the aspect of the business as it is possible for some mistakes to occur and turn into some threats in terms of security which could be really serious.

    Hence, it is always advisable to rekey the offices in between six months to two years.

    You can also draw this decision based on some factors, like that the rate of turnovers of the business, the leave of ease in terms of copying the keys, and the value of the items that are stored inside the building.

    Hence, if you have these factors that offer great security threats, then you might consider opting for regular rekeying.

    The security has been compromised.

    Another one of the factors that you should consider in the aspect of rekeying the keys is security.

    If you have recently suffered from a break-in, or you have simply lost the keys, rekeying is always a good choice in terms of having the structure secured again without purchasing new locks.

    There might some cases of break-ins which could be unsettling for the employees and the management.

    Therefore, if your locks have been compromised, a good economical option, if the locks are still working, is rekeying.


    The office might have a surge in layoffs.

    Hence, rekeying is one way of making sure that the building is secured from the old employees.

    After all, there might be those who have been upset after the loss of a job, enough that they cannot think properly.

    Furthermore, rekeying the business may also offer great peace of mind to the management itself.

    This is because there might be times when those employees with good morals can still be upset after being laid off from work.

    It is also possible to apply this to a company that has had turnovers over the years.

    If you are not sure that you can trust an ex-employee who might still have a spare key, then rekeying is a great idea.

    New Location

    It is possible that a new building might offer new possibilities, but it could also provide opportunities to burglars or criminals.

    Rekeying the building is a good thing as a means of a new beginning without actually having to worry about the security from former employees, tenants, or others who might still have a spare key.

    Rekeying the locks when you move into a new location will also give the locksmith an opportunity to check the hardware and make sure that it is still reliable and is working well.

    Moreover, if the locksmith notices that the hardware is lacking the minimum security standards, then you can replace it at any time.

    If the business is moving to a new location or is getting ready for some layoffs, or simply having problems with its security, then reaching out to a locksmith right away is a good idea.

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