Most Common Door Lock Problems

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    Most Common Door Lock Problems

    Homeowners have the responsibility of keeping their loved ones, along with their valuables safe and secure.

    Yet, they may pay less attention to the locks in their door, until the worst thing happens.

    Issues concerning the locks can ruin the day and even require us to spend a lot of money.

    As a homeowner who might want to avoid any lockouts as well as any other security issues from occurring in the future, then proper maintenance rules should be followed in terms of the door locks.

    As a guide, here are some of the most common door lock problems that can result in lock replacements that are expensive in the future:

    Sticky Locks

    If the keys still need to be wiggled so that they can catch the lock, then repairing as well as replacing the keys should be considered before the lock itself breaks as a whole.

    Frozen Locks

    This type of problem can happen whenever moisture enters the interior of the lock as the temperatures in the environment drop.

    For this issue, you have to take caution when it comes to attempting to fix it on your own terms.

    Furthermore, you also have to take note that it is not right to force your key inside the lock that is frozen, or you will be faced with a situation of a broken key.

    You might be able to try a deicer but is always best that you contact a locksmith in Durham that is able to offer a 24-hour service.

    Moreover, if you are thinking of hiring a locksmith, the service should be able to provide some of the best solutions that are possible for the concerns with your lock as well as cases regarding frozen keys.

    Moreover, you should also make sure that the locksmith does not cause damage to the lock or the keys.

    Lock Misalignment

    Dealing with a scenario where the lock of the door simply won’t budge back into position means reaching out to a professional locksmith for adjustment.

    Moreover, if you would like to have the best maintenance for your locks, it is likewise recommended that you do an annual lock checkup.

    Broken Key in Lock

    It can be frustrating to have a key snap inside of a lock as it is a real problem.

    This is a very common issue in terms of the home’s locks and keys.

    As such, in order to avoid this, you need to be careful when you are locking and unlocking the door.

    Door Will Not Close All the Way

    If the door is not shutting properly and all the way, or does not latch, this can turn into an issue of difficulty in locking the door.

    For this, you will need to have the bolt aligned properly together with the strike plate.

    Furthermore, the door will need to likewise fit the frame correctly if the lock is to work properly.

    Broken Lock

    If your lock has been broken then the lock’s mechanics can be the problem itself.

    In this type of issue, you need to reach out to a professional locksmith, who can assist you in terms of replacing the lock.

    Trouble in Inserting the Key

    This trouble is oftentimes caused by the use of the wrong key.

    That is why it is imperative that you check if the correct key is used before you have a locksmith called to help you in unlocking the door.

    It can also be possible for the lock to be dirtied and so you should also clean it.

    Despite the doors being tiny, they are also one of the biggest protectors of the security as well as safety of the home.

    As such, it is essential that you are able to hire a professional locksmith in Durham when a certain problem arises.

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