Rekeying Your Home In Durham: What You Should Know

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    Rekeying Your Home In Durham

    There are various reasons as to why a homeowner or a business owner should rekey the home or the business.

    Nevertheless, the security and the safety of the property is the leading priority.

    If you have recently moved into an old home, it is impossible to know how many people might have a key to access the house.

    For this problem, you have the ability to have the whole lock replaced, but it can be a bit costly in terms of time and money.

    Given that, it is best to rekey.

    Rekeying a property basically reconfigures the lock that you currently have so that a different key is now able to access it, thus making the old key unusable for the lock.

    As a guide, here is rekeying your home in Durham: What you should know.

    Should you rekey or replace the locks?

    There are a lot of pros and cons to be weighed here.

    Furthermore, you might simply think of going to a local hardware store to buy a replacement lock and install them immediately.

    However, it might not be able to address the type of security that you need.

    Although you may choose to purchase an affordable type of lock, it still may not be able to provide what your home or property needs.

    There are some high-end models in the market that can offer better security.

    Yet, the problem lies in their price.

    Moreover, the number of locks that need to be replaced should also be considered.

    If only a single lock needs replacement, then opting for a replacement can be good.

    However, if the locks that need to be changed are multiple, then rekeying is better and less expensive, and more convenient.

    In some cases, a locksmith will simply ask you for a service call fee, then a relatively small cost for the rekeying.

    In contrast to the actual cost of a replacement, this is far more cheaper.

    That is what before making any decisions in terms of rekeying or replacing, it is essential that you make an assessment first of the needs and the budget before you spend.

    When it comes to the rekeying of the home and the business, it is the best choice if you want to modify and save money.

    Sometimes, replacement is simply not the only choice that you have.

    But, rekeying can significantly save you money by just having the locks modified so that its old locks can no longer unlock it.


    There are a lot of reasons behind the decision of wanting to rekey.

    When it comes to replacing or rekeying, the latter will always be the best choice for multiple locks.

    Yet, there might also be some cases where you only need to have a rekeying service and nothing else.

    A New Home

    If you have recently moved into a new home that has been owned previously by another, or is a rental property, then you should consider rekeying the locks.

    You do not have an idea who and how many people might have a spare key.

    There are times when builders give out duplicates to outer subcontractors during a new construction.

    Hence, if you want the home to be secure, have a locksmith in Durham rekey the house.

    Parting Ways

    If you have parted ways you used to be close with, it is always a great idea to rekey your locks.

    Lost Keys

    A lost or a stolen key equates to the need to rekey the home.

    It is always better to have new keys fitted for the locks for safety reasons.

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