Remote Keyless Systems Explained

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    Remote Keyless Systems Explained

    It is important for homeowners to know the way around the home.

    This includes the security system.

    If the house has a smart lock, here is a guide on remote keyless systems explained.

    The remote keyless system or the RKS is also referred to as the keyless entry or remote central locking.

    It refers to a lock that uses an electronic remote rather a key, whis is activated by means of a handheld device or automatically, depending on the distance.


    The remote keyless systems are most often utilized in vehicles.

    It acts as a car key that is standard, without the need of physical contact.

    When the distance is only a few yards from the vehicle, then all you need is to press the button found on the remote control to lock and unlock the door as well as perform other functions.

    Furthermore, a remote keyless system can also include a remote keyless entry system or RKES that has the ability to unlock the doors, along with a remote keyless ignition system or RKIS that has the ability to start the engine.

    The function of an RKES is found on a key fob or is built inside the key of the ignition of the handle itself.

    The buttons are attributed to the locking and unlocking of the doors, along with the opening of the trunk on the tailgate of the vehicle.

    On the minivans, the sliding doors can also be opened and closed remotely.

    Moreover, there are also other cars that have the ability to open the windows, along with the roof when the lock itself has been remotely secured.

    A remote keyless fob can also have a panic button that is able to activate the alarm in order to act as a standard feature.

    On the other hand, a vehicle that has a trunk that is electronically controlled can also be triggered to open simply by a button that is found on the remote.

    Trunk springs typically open through the help of torsion springs.

    Radio Transmitter

    There are times when the keyless remote has a radio transmitter that has a short range.

    It is required that the transmitter is within a distance of five to twenty meters so it can work.

    When a button is pressed, it transmits a specifica coded signal to the receiver unit in the car, which can either lock or unlock the door.

    Most of the keyless systems are able to operate at a certain frequency, which depends on the location or continent where the car originates.

    Moreover, there are some modern systems that implement encryption, along with the rotating entry codes so as to prevent vehicle thieves from stopping the signal.

    Early systems are also present that utilizes infrared instead of radio signals to unlock the vehicle, such as that of Mercedes-Benz.

    The remote keyless system signals that it has locked or unlocked the vehicle through a discreet combination, which can include flashing vehicle lamps, a sound, or other means.

    A typical setup on ordinary vehicles is having the horn or other sound beep twice as it signifies that the vehicle is now unlocked, and one beep to signify that the car is locked.

    An example of this is the car brands Toyota, Lexus, and Scion.

    These brands make use of a chirp system to have the car signal that it has been locked or unlocked.

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