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    Commercial Lockout Service

    Commercial lockouts, or in other names called business lockouts, are the worst things that could happen in running a business.

    Business owners should be aware of these tendencies.

    They are stressful and time-consuming.

    You would not want to stand outside your store, office, or any establishment with stress and frustration.

    Hence, it would be a relief if there is a mobile locksmith you can quickly call when it happens.

    Avoid waiting and dealing with stress with our assistance.
    It would save so much time for a busy day.

    Plus, you would not anymore be dealing with troublesome situations and people.

    Regardless of the cause of the commercial lockout, be it an issue with the lock, keys, or unrecognized damages, door slamming, and the like, Locks&Load Durham has a locksmith to assist you in dealing with the situation.

    We are always prepared and equipped to help you in times of crisis.

    Just give us a call, and we will be there.

    Office Lockout

    Regardless of the type of business, you are handling, whether a big corporation or a small business, you can never be too careful and prepared in times of dilemma.

    The best preparation to do is being in touch with a locksmith, so you can immediately call them in crisis.

    We are trusted, skilled technicians who are experts in the job.
    With our years of experience, we truly understand the stress you are going through when this situation happens.

    Never compromise your busy schedule, the business day, and employees’ state of mind to delayed commercial lockout responses.

    Call us immediately when you encounter this trouble.

    Emergency Lockout

    Besides being locked out of your establishment, we also offer other commercial lockout services like access to cabinets, safes, machines, rooms, and more.

    Having failed access to these things can really be stressful, especially if you are in a hurry.

    What’s more, it can be an issue that would result in further complications.

    Do not let it take over your mindset by relieving the stress with our help.

    Contact us for immediate assistance.

    Commercial Eviction

    Another definition of a commercial lockout is commercial eviction.

    As business owners, you are the rightful owner of your building, meaning you have the right to lockout tenants due to particular violations.

    Popular reasons include: destruction of property, not paying rent, violating simple agreements like bringing pets, constantly disobeying curfew hours, and more.

    However, if you are planning to do a commercial tenant eviction, you will undergo a long stressful process.

    For the process, it usually goes like this:

    1. Give a written notice to the tenant – if the violation is still fresh, perhaps you can still talk it out.

    If per se, you come to set of terms, the tenant might regain their place by writing and submitting a writ of re-entry.

    2. File for Forcible Detainer Motion – if the tenant fails to submit a writ of re-entry or any responses have not been given, you can pursue legal action.

    This step is the most stressful part of the eviction process.

    Business owners and landlords cannot just act on their own, you need the state’s approval before doing so.

    You need an approved forcible detainer motion to actualize commercial eviction.

    3. Give a Notice to Vacate to the tenant – once approved, you will provide a Notice to Vacate to the tenant that will take at least three days.

    Next, they will be served with a citation, requiring to appear in court within six to ten days.

    If the tenant fails to attend the hearing, the court will execute a writ of possession.

    Finally, they will be given 24 hours to completely vacate the place; otherwise, you are legal to do any legal action in the area.

    Please remember that the eviction process varies.

    It might be different from one state to another.

    Consult your local legal offices for advises; then, call a locksmith afterward.

    Solve your commercial lockout issues and other problems with our assistance.

    Locks&Load Durham has commercial locksmiths who can help you deal with your troublesome and unprecedented lock issues.

    We are professionals who have been in the locksmithing field for years.

    We are exposed to different training to improve our service from time to time.

    We are honest and transparent about our services.

    For more information, you may call us anytime.

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