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    Door closers are attached to doors in most establishments.

    However, there are instances that they are used in residential homes.

    Contact a local locksmith to install them for you.

    Why Door Closers?

    Owners prefer door closers because they are efficient and neat-looking.

    To add, they reduce energy costs, which makes them recommended in both hot and frigid climates.

    Additionally, they eliminate the tear and wear in the door’s frame by gently closing it using a hydraulic arm (in most cases).

    Furthermore, they are silent and avoid rash and loud sounds when the door closes.

    Five Mounting Options of Door Closers

    Door closers have five mounting options with specific purposes.

    Each mounting option applies to certain conditions whenever the door opens.

    Please remember that not all options suit every opening method.

    Here are the five mounting options below:

    • Regular Arm Mount
    • Parallel Arm Mount
    • Corner Bracket Mount
    • Top Jamb Mount
    • Track Arm Mount

    For proper and smooth installation, keep in mind that each mounting option needs one particular type of closer arm.

    1. Regular Arm Mount

    The most common type of mounting option is the regular arm mount.

    They are placed on the pull side of the door opening.

    On the other hand, the closer body is at the top while the closer arm remains attached to the head of the frame face.

    This type requires the top rail for a more expansive space upon installation.

    Otherwise, it will require a mounting place for more accurate placement.

    2. Parallel Arm Mount

    This type of door closer is mounted on the opening’s push side.

    The parallel arm mount is mounted on the push side of the door’s opening.

    Meanwhile, the closer body is at the top while its parallel arm is fastened to the soffit at the head of the frame.

    If the top rail is narrow, you need to prepare a mounting plate.

    As you can observe, the parallel closer arm folds whenever the door closes.

    It is the very reason why its name says parallel.

    It’s because the parallel closer arm is parallel to the face of the door, making it discrete.

    3. Corner Bracket Mount

    The corner bracket mount option is the most uncommon one among the five types.

    This type is only installed when there is an arched top rail.

    It is required to consider it because a bracket should be fastened on the pull side of the door opening in the top corners of the frame.

    Meanwhile, the closer body is with the bracket; then, the arm is attached to the face of the door.

    Owners choose this because it has a wide opening, promoting clear projection.

    4. Top Jamb Mount

    The Top Jamb Mount is used for narrow door top rails.

    Hence, it is required to place them on the opening’s push side.

    Observe that the closer body is at the face of the frame head while the arm is attached to the door’s face.

    Aesthetically speaking, they are more pleasing than placing the closer body on the face of the door together with the mounting plate.

    Please also put in mind that the length of the arm is related to the reveal dimension.

    5. Track Arm Mount

    The track arm mount has a roller that runs along a metal channel track.

    Its placement is mounted on either the push or pull side of the door’s opening.

    It depends on you where you prefer to place it, but the closer body must be mounted to the face of the door.

    Another distinct feature of this type is that its push sidetrack is located to the head of the frame’s soffit.

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