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    Need a Door Lock Service?

    Problems with door locks creep up unpredictably.

    When instances like this happen, the property owner will have to deal with it.

    What every owner should do is contact a professional locksmith immediately.

    Unfortunately, most people do not get one until it is too late.

    We highly encourage you to be not like them.

    Keeping in touch with a mobile locksmith will help you maintain your locks’ condition.

    So, when inevitable problems arise, you can depend on them in an instant.

    Locks & Load Durham is one of the most outstanding locksmith companies in Durham.

    We are comprised of professional and skilled technicians who can perform quality and affordable door lock service and more.

    As property owners, you will know when to call us.

    For specifics, here are the typical reasons that our customers call for a door lock service.

    1. Loose Door Locks

    Door locks are in motion almost every minute in our daily lives, which results in them becoming loose.

    Loose door locks, handles, or knobs have their components inside misaligned or misplaced.

    It is only natural that when these components fail, the overall functionality of the door will not operate well.

    When you experience this, we strongly recommend you not to conduct a DIY method.

    It usually leads to further damage and complications.

    Call us to handle the situation.

    2. Misaligned Door Locks

    Misaligned door locks are another common issue that property owners deal with their door locks.

    A misaligned lock is also called a misaligned strike plate.

    Evidently, the issue with this problem is that the key parts are not line up accurately with the door’s function.

    The locking bolt or the latch is not in place with the strike plate.

    You can see the strike plate affixed to the jam facilitating the extension of the latch.

    These situations occur when they are not installed properly or when the door warps due to climate and other external factors.

    While it seems easy to fix, it gets increasingly difficult in time, especially if not addressed immediately.

    3. Jammed Locks

    Jammed door locks are like any severe door lock problems—they should not be ignored.

    A common reason that results in having a jammed lock is the debris buildup.

    When debris collates in the lock, it affects the internal mechanisms.

    Another reason is a broken lock, but you cannot observe it at one glance.

    When your door experience is jamming, it is best to get in touch with us.

    There are many possible complications to happen, like a broken key getting stuck into it.

    4. Broken Key Stuck in the Lock

    In relation, another door lock problem is a key stuck in it.

    A broken key in the lock is a devastating scenario, and it calls immediate response.

    It is hard to pick the lock by yourself, so you really need to call for professional assistance.

    This situation is challenging because the broken key affects other surfaces of the door.

    It completely neglects you of the door’s access.

    5. Lock Cylinder Issues

    The door lock function is basic; you turn, then you lock or unlock the door.

    However, if something happens during the locking/unlocking method, like the cylinder completely turning, there is a problem.

    It is a sign that poses more significant issues.

    If the entire lock cylinder turns, you might be dealing with a wrecked or loose set screw.

    Avoid the hassle of not being able to lock and unlock your door by reaching out a locksmith for assistance.

    A lockout is not something you would want to experience.

    Our Door Lock Service

    We offer these door lock changing services for any type of locks.

    Here are the following:

    • Front door lock changes
    • Rear entry lock change
    • Garage door lock change
    • Window lock change

    Additionally, we deal with other lock varieties for outer-leading doors, such as:

    • Deadbolt lock
    • Mortise locks
    • Night latch door locks
    • Cylinder locks
    • Euro cylinder locks
    • Digital combination locks

    Locks & Load Durham Locksmith Services

    Our mobile locksmiths are guaranteed professionals and skillful in their field.

    We have undergone training and workshops to enhance our craftsmanship.

    If you are in Durham and nearby areas, you can call us anytime because we operate 24/7 with our equipment always at hand.

    Give us a call and let us talk about the service you want that comes with an affordable and friendly fee.

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