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    Most people would think that a locksmith only install locks to doors, but we are so much more than that.

    We extend our services to gate lock installation, advanced security technologies, peepholes, and of course, file cabinets lock.

    We can work on everything that has locks—everything that needs protection and security.

    File cabinet locks are not much talk of the town, but they are essential to every business and even residential home.

    Cabinets are like safes that safeguard your valuable items such as necessary and legal documents, sentimental things, money, and many more.

    Putting locks into them implies exclusivity and authority.

    Therefore, people around will not attempt to open them because you hold the key or password to unlock them.

    You will never know when malicious attempts will happen, especially if you are a known name.

    If you are planning to install or replace (because some have built-in locks) your file cabinet locks, here are some choices we listed down for you:

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    1. Electronic Locks

    With the advancement of technology, we should utilize it.

    Electronic locks are smart locks that can be keyed or keyless.

    For keyless locks, they operate using an electromagnetic mechanism; you can either input your password or scan your fingerprint to access the lock.

    This type is most recommended to people who do not want to carry locks with them all the time.

    2. Cam Locks

    The simplest and most common type among all.

    Cam locks are equipped with a rotating bar mechanism placed at the back and controlled by a key.

    The lock is made of a cam, a metal plate attached to the locking device’s core.
    It will rotate once the key is inserted and turned.

    It latches onto the cabinet’s interior to hold the drawer when locked.
    The cam can rotate between 90-80 degrees.

    3. Tubular Cylinder Locks

    A tubular cylinder lock fits through a hole in the cabinet.

    They are difficult to install, which would require a professional locksmith like us to do it.

    As evident in its name, the lock has a long cylindrical shape that can be opened with a round key.

    4. Sliding Teeth Locks

    Another lock where one locking mechanism part remains in the cabinet is the sliding teeth lock.

    However, the key separates from the lock when the cabinet is opened.

    This type is most commonly used for sliding door cabinets.

    5. Padlock

    Padlocks are the most popular type of cabinet lock.

    Aside from its commonality, they are the cheapest and most standard type.

    It is easy and quick to use; hence, convenience is given.

    You only need to place it on the exterior part, locking them and unlocking them using a key.

    Depending on your preference and purpose, padlocks come in various types, designs, and variations.

    Some padlocks provide more security than others.

    They are the go-to options if you want a handy and compact lock without the complexities.

    Most traditional cabinets use padlocks because they cannot be equipped with smart locks.

    6. Lock Bars

    Also branded as side-locking bars, this type of lock is installed on the cabinet’s exterior length.

    They operate together with a padlock.

    They are only installed for an added layer of security and should never be the primary lock.

    Install File Cabinet Locks with us.

    The choice is up to you!

    Based on the types of locks given above, you might have chosen the most suitable lock for your cabinet.

    Once done choosing, make sure to call us for appointments so that we can install them for you.

    You can also do do-it-yourself installing methods if you wish to do so.

    There are many locks available on the local hardware where you can ask the staff for recommendations.

    On the other hand, if you have trouble choosing, you can call us for suggestions.

    Please remember that each type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

    You should also assess your cabinets to determine what will work best.

    Nonetheless, you can always upgrade them if you no longer feel safe.

    For inquiries and other concerns, never hesitate to reach us.

    We also offer other services concerning locks.

    Locks&Load Durham operates 24/7 anywhere in Durham and nearby areas we can reach.

    A locksmith from our team is always come prepared and ready to assist you.

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