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    Wondering when you should consider a lock change?

    Here are some reasons:

    1. You purchased a new house.

    Probably the most common reason for a lock change service is when you move into a new place previously owned.

    Lock change service is crucial because of the lingering possibilities that the previous owners and their family and friends still have access to.

    It is best to ensure your safety and your family members by changing your locks for exclusivity.

    With changed locks, you will feel comfortable and confident that you are the only ones who have access to your new house.

    2. You have experienced a break-in.

    Similarly, other people have high tendencies to have access to your house if you have experienced a break-in.

    Experiencing this traumatic situation is alarming, forcing you to have enhanced security to avoid it from happening again.

    Tampered and picked locks can be easily manipulated again, so it is best not to have them repaired or rekeyed but changed.

    Never be too complacent with dangerous situations that may hamper your family members and valuable properties.

    3. Your locks are old.

    We are aware that you are doing your best to maintain your locks’ condition, but they come to an end just like other things.

    Age is one of the natural and external factors you cannot control.

    Since locks are used almost every minute of the day, they are exposed to wear and tear, eventually reflecting in time.

    Consider a lock change service if your locks are old for uncompromised security.

    4. Your locks and keys are broken or damaged.

    Similarly, broken or damaged locks are signs to perform a lock change service.

    Broken locks and keys cannot be easily repaired; hence, it is best to replace them.

    Plus, it is more costly to have them repaired than changed.

    5. Your keys are lost or misplaced.

    It is frustrating to be in this situation.

    You will overthink, panic, and get anxious.

    If you lost, misplace your keys, or they are stolen, change your locks immediately.

    The very reason why you should decide to do so is because of the probability that someone has picked your keys somewhere, which will gain them access to your house.

    Before situations like this happen, have your locks changed as soon as possible.

    6. Your roommate or tenant moved out.

    If you are living with someone and they moved out, change your locks for safety purposes.

    Continue to do so despite being on good terms.

    Having your locks changed utterly removes their access from your apartment.

    It will not provide them any reason to come back, nor any surprise break-ins will happen.

    7. You are going through a divorce.

    Likewise, you need to change your locks if you are going through a divorce.

    Whether or not it ends on good terms, ultimately have them erased from your life.

    Everything that connects them to you should be withdrawn at all costs.

    It will pose further complications if they still have access to your house after separation.

    Schedule the lock change service ahead of time

    If you are planning to change your locks, schedule them ahead of time.

    Give us a call, and we will book a slot for you.

    Having an appointment will prepare both of us, saving us time and money.

    Locksmithing Services at Locks&Load Durham

    Are you considering performing a lock change service based on the reasons mentioned above?

    Call Locks&Load Durham if you are from this area or nearby.

    We offer 24/7 service because we understand that some situations happen after working hours.

    We are always ready to assist in case of emergencies.

    Fully insured technicians

    Our technicians are highly skilled professionals who are exposed to the locksmithing industry for years.

    We work professionally and value your relationship with us.

    We are honest and transparent; we will send you progress reports and inform you of our methods to perform our job.

    We are fully equipped; our materials and tools are up to date.

    Give us a call and let us know what type of service you are looking for.

    We offer lock change service, door lock installation, and many more.

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