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    Lock Installation Service

    Locks are invented to safeguard our properties—our house, vehicle, container, office, and many more.

    With locks, our mind will be at ease knowing that our valuables are secured, implying exclusivity to us, owners alone.

    For whatever purpose you will need a lock, we offer 24/7 lock installation services in Durham.

    Read this post to learn more about the types of lock, then call us after you decide the most suitable lock for you or if you need suggestions from us.

    Here are eight types of locks to consider:

    1. Padlocks

    Padlocks are portable locks fixed to a door, chain, fence, gate, or even cabinets.

    They are easy to recognize; their size is enough indication of authority over something.

    They come in different sizes and styles to complement your aesthetic.
    Additionally, they are strong and challenging to pick.

    As for its operation, there are two main types of padlocks:

    Combination padlocks

    Keyed padlocks

    Just a trivia: padlocks are the oldest type of lock, making them the most traditional and standard type continuously used until now.

    2. Deadbolt Locks

    Deadbolt locks are known for their design.

    They are attached to external doors because of their proven level of security against offenders.

    This type functions using a key inserted in the cylinder, then turning it to release the lock.

    Deadbolts lock has four types:

    • Single
    • Double
    • Lockable Thumbturn
    • Vertical

    3. Cylinder Locks

    Cylinder locks are branded as the most secure door lock.

    They are usually found in commercial doors and glass entryway doors, relating them to glass door locks.

    It has three different types, which are not equally the same, so make sure to purchase the one that fits best.

    • Rim locks
    • Mortise
    • Euro profile cylinder

    4. Barrel Locks

    Barrel locks are simple locks fixed to doors to add another level of security.

    They are for layering only and should never be the primary lock of the door.

    You can usually see them in bathrooms and residential settings.

    Its other name is sliding bolt.

    5. Chain Locks

    Similar to barrel locks, chain locks’ purpose is for another layer of security.

    It works like this: the chain is fixed to the door the other part, the catch, is attached to the door frame.

    Chain locks are perfect for residential homes because it limits the door’s opening after the main lock has been opened.

    You can also see them in hotel doors.

    6. Lever Handle Locks

    This type of lock is commonly observed on internal doors in public places like big establishments’ office doors and hospital doors.

    They look similar to standard lever door handles with a keyhole for an additional level of security.

    Clients prefer this because of their functionality; they are easy to grasp, requiring only a gentle push down.

    7. Electronic Locks

    With technology’s emergence, we now have electronic locks for more convenient access.

    Usually, this type of lock works using a digital screen to input code, keycard, or fingerprints.

    They work using magnets or motors controlled by electricity.

    They are keyless locks commonly found in offices and hotel rooms since they have monitoring features to record people going in and out of place.

    8. Smart Locks

    Another type of lock brought to you by recent inventions is smart locks.

    This modern type of lock is rapidly becoming popular on the market, shifting the traditional approach of locks.

    They work by allowing the user to utilize their mobile devices as a key to the lock.
    You will input the passcode on your phone to access the lock.

    It can also use your fingerprints or faces after the two-step verification process method.

    Due to this, owners can access the lock everywhere as long as Wi-Fi is present.

    Like electronic locks, they have monitoring devices too, but they are more advanced.

    Lock Installation Services at Locks&Load Durham.

    Among the many types of locks, it is most likely that you have chosen the best lock for your doors, cabinets, or gates.

    After choosing, hire a mobile locksmith in Durham for lock installation services.

    Besides lock installation, Locks&Load Durham offers a wide range of locksmith services like safe opening, panic bar door installation, lock change, lock repair, and the like.

    Our technicians are skilled professionals equipped with the latest tools to provide you deserve you need and deserve.

    For inquiries, questions, and concerns, call us now.

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