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    Lock Re Key services is an everyday job for a mobile locksmith.

    It is the method used when you lost your keys, and you need a set of new ones to access your lock.

    While it sounds easy to do so, it can be challenging.

    Lock re key can sometimes lead to a more complicated situation, especially if you do not possess the suitable materials and the skill to do it.

    Still, if you wish to proceed with a do-it-yourself method, we will support you.

    If ever you need more assistance, a locksmith from Locks&Load Durham will be glad to help.

    When to Rekey a Lock

    Your locks will demand a rekey if you lost your keys and all the other keys do not work with them.

    This method helps secure the risks of your lock getting picked by someone who has your keys.

    When a lock is rekeyed, the lost keys can no longer be used to open it, taking away all your anxieties of experiencing a break-in.

    Apart from external threats, one should consider a lock re key if you are handling an apartment or going through a divorce.

    It would be best if you cut all ties from them, assuming they have duplicate keys.

    How Lock Re Key Works

    To rekey a lock, you need to buy a rekey kit from nearby hardware.

    Purchase a rekey kit that corresponds to the brand of your lock.

    The kit is comprised of three to six identically cut keys.

    Also, it comes along with a set of pins color-coded or numbered as legends for the plug positions.

    The keys match the pins included in the kit.

    In most cases, the kit matches your lock, especially if of the same brand.

    There can also be a few simple tools included.

    How to do Lock Re Key

    Before proceeding to the steps, you need to prepare these materials:

    • Original key (if you did not lose them)
    • Rekey kit (the one you purchased from the hardware)

    1. Remove the knob

    Insert and turn the key a quarter to the right.

    Press the clip using a remover tool (included in the kit) to detach the exterior knob from the shank.

    2. Remove the cylinder lock.

    Turn the key again the same as in the previous step, then remove it.

    Afterward, you can remove the cylinder.

    3. Remove the clip ring.

    In the cylinder lock, you can see a C-shaped clip; remove it using a tool included in the rekey kit.

    4. Remove the key plug.

    Using a pusher device, remove the key plug from the housing.

    5. Remove the existing pins of the lock.

    From the plug, remove the used pins.

    Make sure to put them in a place away from the new ones to avoid mixing them.

    6. Insert the newly bought keys.

    Push aside the old key and try inserting the new one.

    7. Insert the pins from the new set.

    The kit has set of new pins and a chart showing the legend of the pins’ order.
    Follow the steps given in the chart.

    Using the tweezers included in the set, insert them into the lock.

    Also, please be reminded that the pointed or rounded ends of the pins face the key.

    8. Insert the key plug.

    Make sure that the pins are in place by flushing them at the top.

    9. Insert the clip ring.

    Put back the C-shaped part that you removed earlier on the lock cylinder.

    10. Insert the cylinder lock.

    Return the cylinder lock to its place where you removed it earlier.

    11. Insert the knob.

    Lastly, slide the knob on the shank.

    Finish the process by inserting the key to continue the knob’s insertion; then, test if it works.

    Yes, as long as you are the property owner, you can do whatever you want with it.

    Of course, it would be illegal for those who do not own your property.

    The tenants or renters are also not legal to do it.

    As for you, who owns the house or apartment, you are free to do a lock re key whenever you wish to do so.

    Locks&Load Durham Locksmith Services

    Locks&Load Durham offers lock re key services to Durham and nearby areas.

    If you are not confident about the DIY method we have provided, you may call a locksmith from our company for assistance.

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