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    Lock Repair Service

    With proper care and maintenance, door locks last more than they are designed to.

    However, just like any other things, they are not made to last for eternity.

    The time will come that they will demand a lock repair service.

    If your door locks are not functioning the way they used to, of course, it needs fixing–sometimes, even replacing.

    During these situations, there are two options available for property owners:

    First, head over to the hardware, buy the necessary materials and perform the do-it-yourself method.

    Second, you rely on your mobile locksmith to do the job.

    The first one can only happen if you are knowledgeable enough or lucky enough to encounter a not-so-serious door lock problem.

    We highly suggest letting the professionals do their job as they are experts in this field who have garnered years of experience and been into many training.

    You would not want to compromise the situation and the condition of your door locks.

    Hence, it is crucial not to do DIY methods because of the lingering possibilities that make the situation more complicated.

    Still, it is up to you and your capabilities.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to a locksmith if any further complications happen.

    In this post, we are going to expand the methods and help you in the best way we can.

    1. The Door Lock is Jammed.

    The most common door lock problem is a jammed door lock.

    A jammed door lock happens when you insert the key, but the lock fails to turn.

    It is a tricky situation that puts the owners in a frustrating emotion.

    In most cases, owners like you will turn in the key further or attempt to pick the lock.

    However, forcing the key may make things worse.

    A jammed door lock happens when dirt, dust, and debris accumulate.

    If you want to proceed to DIY methods, here is what you can do:

    • Spray compressed air into the keyhole to remove the accumulated debris.
    • Lubricate the keyhole with a spray straw and penetrating oil.

    2. The Door Lock is Frozen.

    A frozen door lock arises when it is winter.

    It is a common issue among property owners, which makes them despise winter for it.

    Having a frozen door lock is inconvenient, so as early as possible, resolve the issue.

    Here are three tactics that might help you with your frozen door lock:

    • Heating – heating the key is the usual method that owners do to defrost the lock.

    Warm the key in hot water or place it on your car’s radiator.

    Afterward, insert the key into the keyhole.

    In most cases, the key will melt the ice inside the door lock.

    • De-icering – de-icer the ice surrounding the lock, both external and internal components using an aerosol de-icer.
    • Hair drying – As weird as it sounds, using a hairdryer can help in melting the ice covering the door lock.

    3. The Lock Bolt is Faulty.

    It is easy to observe if your lock bolt is faulty.

    Once the key or the doorknob turns, but the lock does not cooperate, it is positive that the lock bolt is faulty.

    Something is mechanically wrong with the door lock parts inside.

    Reasons for this might be age, damage, accumulation, wearing, or tampering.

    To repair a faulty lock bolt, find a replacement at your local hardware store.

    Remove your faulty door lock and install the new one.

    If you want them repaired, call a technician to perform the job because it cannot be quickly done through DIY.

    4. The Lock is Picked.

    Picked locks are caused by attempts.

    Desperate measures might cause it during a lockout experience or by offenders who try to gain entry to your house.

    For unsuccessful lock picking, there are high chances that the lock has been damaged.

    If your lock is picked, it is easy to manipulate it again; thus, replacing them is the best choice.

    You would not want to continuously feel anxious that someone is attempting to break in again.

    Unfortunately, we do not have any DIY methods to share for this case because it poses the most severe lock problem.

    To have a more secured home, hire a professional locksmith for enhanced security.

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