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    Lock Replacement Services

    Lock replacement is a standard type of service for locksmiths.

    We have encountered many property owners who hired us to replace their locks for various reasons.

    For instance, you have just purchased a house from previous owners,

    It is only natural that you will be anxious knowing that someone before you have access to your house.

    Even if the settlement is ensured, it is still best to replace your locks to cut all ties completely.

    The possibility that other people might have access risks your property and its security.

    Do not compromise your safety by being complacent, so reach out to us now.

    Locks&Load Durham offers quality locksmith service for a friendly fee.

    Give us a call and let us talk about it.

    In this post, we will inform you of the types of locks and consider changing them.

    Types of Locks

    There are many types of locks to consider before replacing them.

    After the assessment, both of us will determine the most suitable type of lock for you.

    Here are three types of locks we cater to:

    1. Deadbolts

    The most common type of lock is called the deadbolt.

    Deadbolts are primarily seen in residential houses and some commercial buildings because they provide utmost security.

    Deadbolts are attached to knobs and bolted into the walls.

    For specifics, we use these brands:

    • Master Lock
    • Gatehouse
    • Schlage
    • Kwikset

    2. Mortise Deadlocks

    Similarly, mortise deadlocks add more security to your locks.

    As observed, they operate from both inside and outside.

    Furthermore, this type employs a more resistant apparatus in the entire door for maximal effects.

    We use these brands of mortise deadlocks when installing:

    • Yale
    • Belwith
    • Prime-Line
    • Global
    • Marks

    3. High-Tech Locks

    Over the years, locks have evolved due to the demands of modernity.

    Of course, we went along with it and continuously followed trends.

    Besides the standards and traditional locks, we offer high-tech locks.

    High-tech locks are proven safe and secured, so we included them in our services.

    Plus, they are convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient.

    Indeed, it is a comprehensive type of lock, which is why many people considered shifting to them.

    Modern locks do not require keys; they only require a password, a fingerprint, or face detection.

    Unlike traditional keys, they are more convenient because you do not need to bring keys with you with the possibility of them getting lost or stolen.

    What’s more, they have trackers that monitor anyone who gets into the property.

    Due to its advancement, it can work through downloaded apps for notifications.

    It has alarms and functionalities that reach the police in case of emergencies.

    If you are considering an upgrade, you can choose among these types:

    • Fingerprint
    • Keypad
    • Keypad
    • Mobile Phone App Compatible
    • Face-detection

    Now, let us proceed to know when to replace your locks.

    We have three types of a lock replacement.

    Read further to know more:

    ⦁  Your locks are damaged or broken.

    If your locks are damaged or broken, consider replacing them before it is too late.

    Replacing them is better than repairing them because it promoted enhanced security.

    Consider the three types of locks above for a lock replacement service.

    ⦁ Your keys are lost or misplaced.

    If your keys are lost or misplaced, there are high chances that people have seen them.

    You can never be too sure if they have any motives in attempting a break-in or other malicious attempts.

    Replace your locks to overcome your anxieties.

    ⦁  You have experienced a break-in.

    In relation, if you have experienced a break-in, there are no other ways to ensure your safety but to replace your locks.

    This situation is truly alarming, so do your best to avoid them from happening again.

    One-call-away locksmith at Locks&Load Durham

    Whether you consider the traditional or modern types of lock, we got you covered.

    For lock replacement services, we have a mobile locksmith in Durham and nearby areas to assist you.

    A locksmith from our company is an excellent professional who have been exposed to many training.

    Our team is experienced, skillful, and always ready to come to the rescue in times of need.

    With that said, we are 24 hours available, so do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

    Give us a call for appointments, bookings, inquiries, and more.

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