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    Despite the rise of emails and digital ways of sending messages, there are still houses with mailboxes.

    There are still mailmen and letters are still received by individuals.

    Based on our records, mailboxes has plenty of issues when it comes to keys and locks.

    Since they are exposed outside, there are many factors that might have affected these components.

    When your mailbox lock is damaged or your keys are lost, we have ways to solve the issue.

    Calling a mobile locksmith nearby is crucial when experiencing this because it could jeopardize your safety and identity.

    In fact, mail theft is common problem (while it does not look like one).

    Around 10,000 arrests are made for mail theft annually.

    Most offenders admit to steal the items inside or use the individual’s personal information for various reasons.

    Contact a locksmith as soon as possible to avoid these disturbing situations.

    Take a look at some of the most common reasons why you should consider a mailbox lock replacement.

    Broken Lock

    Usually, homeowners call us for a mailbox lock replacement because their locks got broken.

    A broken lock will cost more to repair than to replace, especially if the damage is severe.

    Lost Keys

    If your keys to your mailbox are lost, replace them.

    We do not know who has your keys and if they motives for it.

    Before it comes to worst, do not be complacent.

    Replace your mailbox lock to remove all possibilities that those lost keys can still be used without your authority.

    Moving into a new house

    If you are moving into a new house with an old mailbox, replace the locks to cut all ties connecting to the previous owners.

    Never be too trusting and complacent when it comes to security purposes.

    If you are experiencing any of the three reasons why you should book for a mailbox locks replacement, call us for assistance.

    However, if you wish to do a do-it-yourself method, we will still assist you with these steps.

    Here are the three quick and easy steps to replace your mailbox lock:

    1. Buy a new lock.

    The first step to actualize your DIY replacement is to buy a new lock.

    Shop for a sturdy lock that is hard to pick and drill.

    Also, make sure that it matches your mailbox.

    Head over to a local hardware stores or online to search and canvas for the most suitable type for your mailbox.

    Worry not; there are plenty of brands and kinds out there.

    2. Remove the existing lock.

    After purchasing your new lock, remove the old one.

    However, this step only applies to those who still have the key to their lock.

    If you have lost them, call us to pick the lock for you.

    Having them picked without the right materials might cause further damage to the lock or the mailbox itself, complicating things more.

    Going back, unscrew the nut and take the latch off the lock.

    Afterward, search inside for the u-shaped pin.

    Try pulling it up, down or with pliers to dislodge it, pulling out the lock.

    3. Install the new lock.

    For the last step, put the newly-purchased lock where the old one used to reside.

    Next, replace the pin by either going with a pin again or using a nut.

    Put it around the lock then push it into place.

    As for the latch, put it on the back side of the lock.

    Screw the smaller nut, and test its grip afterward.

    You can determine if the latch is not the accurate size.

    If you lock it and the key is stuck, the latch is too big.

    Meanwhile, if it does not lock completely, the latch is too small.

    Mailbox Locks Replacement at Locks&Load Durham

    If unsuccessful with the given steps, do the process again until you get it.

    However, if worse comes to worst, you might need help.

    Locks&Load Durham provides quality affordable mailbox locks replacement and other locksmith services in Durham and nearby areas.

    Besides mailboxes, we also offer other services such as door lock installation, safe opening, and more.

    If you are looking for a mobile locksmith in Durham, we are the company you are looking for.

    We operate 24/7; we accept calls any time of the day.

    Call us now!

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