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    Key control systems with master keys have many benefits.

    These advantages are most especially beneficial to multi-site organizations, giving facility managers access to all areas in their location.

    It supports streamlined key management, which is effective in businesses.

    Indeed, considering a master key lock system provide extreme convenience without compromising security.

    To know more about the master key lock system, here is how it works:

    If you are searching for a locksmith to install the system for you, we are here to help.

    Master Key Components

    The master key has three primary components:

    1. Pins – pins are skinny cylinders that move upwards and downwards.
      A master key has two pins: one above the center line and one below
    2. Shear line – the straight line in the middle of the lock.
      When pins line up, it provides space to allow the lock to turn
    3. Key notches – the key’s jagged edge has notches to match the pins in the cylinder
    4. Master wafer – the third pin which makes this key lock system unique.
      A master key can only unlock it.

    Master Key Advantages

    Installing a master key lock system has many benefits.

    Take a look at these four advantages:

    1. Designed on Restricted Keyways

    Master keys are created on restricted keyways.

    They help counter serious threats.

    When an intruder tries to copy a key to access your lock system, they will end up unsuccessful because master keys prevent unauthorized copying.

    These restricted keyways are authentic, meaning they cannot be seen on any marketplace and hardware.

    They are exclusive to the business owners.

    So, if you install a master key lock system, you and the authorized people are the only ones who can access the locks.

    2. Equipped with Key Serialization

    Every key system is unique on its own; they carry their own serial number to identify individual keys, including master keys for your control system.

    These unique serial numbers can track the keys of their individual holders, as well as the key information.

    This feature allows you to track all the keys anytime, anywhere with cloud-based key tracking software.

    3. Operates with Rekeyable Lock Technology

    Simplify your key control with master keys.

    They allow administrators to bring only a few keys while still allowing access to all doors.

    This is the function of rekeyable lock technology.

    They improve efficiency, making key management easier for primary key holders.

    Moreover, user-rekeyable lock technology adds another layer of security for your business.

    In times of security breaches, these rekeyable locks can re-secure your establishment.

    For instance, a master key is lost, it allows to lock rekey at the master level.

    After the rekey process, replace the master keys for the master key holders only.

    When rekeying a lock into the system, there are two keys created:

    1. Change Key – this key is limited to open the master lock; it cannot access any other locks.
    2. Master Key – this key can access all locks you have on your property.

    4. Monitors via Key Control Software

    Key control software enables you to monitor all keys included in the master key lock system.

    Through key control software, a cloud-based platform, you can access any information about the system anytime and anywhere.

    It can be accessed on a particular website for tracking.

    Please be informed that the website is timely; it is updated for a comprehensive overview.

    This feature is what customers are most grateful for.

    Being able to track all the involved keys advocates one centralized platform, which is very useful for organizations.

    What’s more, the key tracking is helpful in suspicious attempts.

    They can document the happenings, reducing stress, anxiety, and investigation time in dealing with the suspects.

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