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    As homeowners, safety is crucial to our daily lives that every access to entry and exit points must be secured.

    A safe and secured house is definitely your priority to protect your property and valuable things, and of course, your family members.

    Do not fret; if this is your first time owning a house, complete security protection can be easily achieved.

    Fortunately, we have plenty of residential locksmiths in Durham that can help you attain it.

    It is necessary to get in touch with your local locksmith to troubleshoot problems when they arise instantly.

    You should always be prepared to address these possible dilemmas and avoid panic with the help of your mobile locksmith.

    We, at Locks&Load Durham, can provide guaranteed assistance in any locksmithing.

    We can install locks on your doors, windows, cabinets, vaults, mailboxes, and many more.

    We also offer other kinds of door installations like a peephole, deadbolt, and master key lock installation, and the like.

    Further, we can fix your locks for you if they have already undergone wear and tear.

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    Locks&Load Durham Locksmith Services

    We are professional locksmiths in Durham who are capable of doing locksmithing services.

    We offer installation, fixing, repair, replacement, duplication, and many more.

    For troubleshooting, send us a message or call us for inquiries and bookings.

    Lock Installation, Replacement, and Repair

    As indicated in our name, of course, we offer services that deal with locks.

    A mobile locksmith is nothing if they do not specialize in locks services.

    At Locks&Load Durham, we offer any services related to residential locks.

    We install, replace, and repair them.

    Here is the common residential locksmith in Durham services we offer:

    Lock Maintenance

    Locks are prone to wear and tear due to constant use.

    The components inside can get out of place with daily use, so they should be checked occasionally to maintain their good state.

    Our mobile locksmith services can make this efficient and convenient for you to avoid worrying and taking too much of your time.

    Lock Rekeying

    We will never know what will happen, but if worst comes to worst, you might need lock rekeying.

    This type of service deals with lost or stolen keys, leaving you no choice but to rekey to access your locks at home.

    Lock rekeying is the best and cheapest way to handle the situation.

    It will only require a new set of keys and lock pins.

    Lockout Response

    Consistently, if your keys got stolen or lost, you will experience a lockout.

    In most cases, the first thing that comes to mind is picking the locks.

    However, this response is not recommended because it might do more damage than a solution.

    When there is a lockout happening, the best thing to do is to contact a mobile locksmith to pick the lock professionally for you, hence avoiding further damages.

    We have all the necessary skills for quick and safe methods.

    Key Replacement, Repair, and Duplication

    As homeowners, we do not only keep check of our locks, but we also safeguard our keys that enable access to them.

    The house keys are a collection composed of room keys, garage keys, safe keys, and many more.

    Each one of them is important and should be kept along with you at most times.

    However, despite careful handling, there will be times that unprecedented occurrences happen, like breaking them or them being exposed to wear and tear factors.

    Worry not; we offer key repair, replacement, and duplication services in case your keys demand them.

    Locks&Load Durham

    If you’re looking for a residential locksmith in Durham, trust only Locks&Load Durham.

    We guarantee you professional and trusted locksmithing services anytime and anywhere.


    We take pride in our expertise and provide the required type of service you need.

    To do this, we invest in the best equipment to avoid damaging your property.

    We have years of experience and have undergone training and acquired certifications to prove our impeccable craftsmanship.


    Aside from our professionalism, we understand that you are looking for a trustworthy residential locksmith in Durham.

    There is no need to worry; we can prove that we are trustworthy and that our services remain professional.

    Plus, we will be honest and transparent concerning the problem, the process, and the progress.

    Call us now for services and assistance.

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