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    Safes are protective equipment that owners possess to keep their most treasured belongings.

    So, when they are not accessible, it is understandable that owners panic and overthink.

    There are instances that due to its long time not being opened, owners forget their safes.

    Do not fret, though; if this scenario happens to you, and you cannot open it no matter how many attempts, we are here to help.

    Before we proceed to safe opening methods, here are three common problems we encounter and the troubleshooting processes we can share:

    The safe is not accepting the combination entered.

    It must be frustrating not to open the safe after repeatedly entering a correct combination.

    When this annoying encounter happens, the problem might be a stuck level or wheel alignment.

    If it still does not open after countless attempts, you can try these steps:

    1. Spin your code’s first two numbers until the 8th number.
    2. Use a rubber hand-sled to pound the door several times.
    3. Proceed to the following number of your code, and open it.

    If the issue concerns the lever, whacking it a few times will generally do it.

    However, if it does not work, the issue might be the alignment.

    Contact your manufacturer for a set of procedures to return everything to normal.

    Generally, the method involves index drifting around your combination’s numbers.

    You may also ask us for assistance.

    The dial only rotates on specific numbers.

    For this problem, you might be dealing with a re-locker.

    In most cases, the lock is jacked up, causing it to work inappropriately.

    For do-it-yourself attempts to resolve the issue, here is what you can do:

    1. Spin the first number of your code with more force applied.
    2. Smash the rubber sled.
    3. Whack the door several times.

    This process might take too long, but with the proper force, the bolt will open.

    I forgot the combination.

    The most common problem is the most challenging to solve of all the safe opening issues.

    A forgotten combination may sometimes lead to breaking the safe itself.

    Before contacting a mobile locksmith, try to reach the manufacturer of the safe.

    Ask them the serial number of the safe, or ask for assistance to recover the combination.

    Often, it works, then you can proceed to unlock it on your own.

    If not, tell your locksmith.

    With the serial number given, we can avoid the disastrous method of opening the safe.

    How do we open a safe?

    Locksmiths are experts in their field, so trusting them is the first step in opening a safe.

    Before we open your safe, of course, we will have a talk and agreement.

    Then, we will proceed to the most suitable method in conducting a safe opening.

    These processes only apply if breaking the safe is your last resort.

    Here are three common ways how:


    The drilling process is the less disastrous one.

    We will drill a small hole into the safe to pass a particular instrument inside.

    It will allow us to see the insides of the lock, then determine how to open it.

    Locks&Load Durham is a locksmith company with a complete and advanced set of interior technology to do this job.

    This method is the easiest and most preferred method because it does not take up much time.

    Also, it does not lead to rendering major repairs.


    Scoping is connected to drilling.

    After drilling, we will use a borescope inside to have an idea of how to open it.

    Both drilling and scoping are inexpensive and not chaotic.

    Usually, it is preferred when security measures are added, like manipulation-proof locks and glass re-lockers.


    Honestly speaking, cutting is the most disastrous way of safe opening.

    It is messy, noisy, and slow.

    We rarely use this method unless there are no other ways possible.

    This method is used if the safe’s situation is severe and all other processes do not work.

    For this one, we will use a saw or a torch to cut into the safe.

    During the process, we might require sets of blades because they dull down due to the hard components of the safe.

    Open your safe with us.

    With Locks&Load Durham’s assistance, opening your safe will be less stressful.

    Our mobile locksmith in Durham is skilled professionals with lots of experience in safe opening situations.

    Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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