Why Is My Car Key Not Working

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    Why Is My Car Key Not Working

    A car key that is not working could have a lot of reasons behind its eventual failure.

    When this happens, it is always best to get to know the possible issues that have risen from it should you be faced with the same situation again.

    Furthermore, it also pays to reach out to a locksmith in Durham right away to remedy the problem.

    As a guide, here are some of the answers to the question ‘why is my car key not working?’

    Broken and Damaged Locks

    One of the most common reasons why you should get a new car key is the fact that car keys can easily snap when things take a turn for the worse, especially if they are still inside the lock of the vehicle.

    It is possible that the lock might not have been working correctly, and so it has resulted in the breaking of the key after pressure has been applied after turning it.

    This problem is pretty common for old cars mainly because a lot of keys in different vehicles nowadays do not really undergo pressure as key fobs are not provided.

    Damaged Key

    An obvious reason when it comes to the key not working properly is due to a specific physical issue such as a key being worn or bent.

    However, if you are equipped with a modern key fob, there might be some mechanical issue behind it.

    It is also worth noting that key fobs are small and so they can get easily get crushed or exposed to different impulses or moisture that are electrical, which might cause them to function improperly.

    A Duplicate is Used

    It might also be possible that you had a duplicate made by a locksmith and had it programmed for the car.

    Whatever the case is, there could be a lot of reasons behind it.

    A copy can have multiple flaws due to the duplication itself.

    For example, if a duplicate of a spare key was used to make a new key, then this key might not be able to work.

    This is because it might have had a few alterations to the original key.

    You can also attempt to make new copies from the original key rather than having copies made from the duplicate.

    Ignition Cylinder Issues

    A car key is susceptible to malfunction when the ignition cylinder itself unlocks and brings forth damage to the key.

    Like that of external door locks, the ignition may suffer from wear and tear.

    In other words, if the car key is still working appropriately when the turn or the door has been opened but does not function properly with the ignition, the problem might be due to the ignition cylinder.

    Damaged Key Fob

    Car keys that are electronic and are equipped with a keyless start or fobs might be susceptible to several issues as well.

    When the car key is exposed to the different risks, or if you drop it into the water or accidentally crush it, it can indeed suffer from malfunction.

    In addition to that, there might also be some other problems that may affect the fob too.

    No Programming

    If the key fob is equipped with a battery and dies, then the fob’s initial programming will get lost.

    This due to the fact that a key fob will need to pair with a car so that it can function properly.

    Yet, if the keys are still relatively new, then the initial programming will have to be done so that the receiver and the transponder will be able to work together.

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