Why Should You Rekey Your House

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    Why Should You Rekey Your House

    It is undeniable that as homeowners, we want to always keep our family safe and secure.

    However, it might be a bit concerning if we are living in a home whose ownership has only changed recently.

    If you want to feel 100% safe, then you need to have the locks in the property rekeyed, in order to ensure that we are the only ones who have access to the locks with working keys.

    Getting the locks rekeyed is one of the most important ways which we can take for us to improve the security in our home.

    In making this basic upgrade, you can easily solve the issue in the aspect of not knowing who is in possession of the spare keys or how many of them exists.

    Through this, we can make sure that we keep track of who has access to the home.

    Furthermore, we can also save money if we rekey all the locks in the property to one key, which is considerably cheaper than having to replace all the locks individually.

    To weigh things out, here are some of the reasons why should you rekey your house:

    New Builds, Same Rules

    If your home has only been built recently, it is no a question that you should still rekey it.

    It is due to the fact that a master key system might have been used on the locks while the house was still in construction.

    During this, a lot of people do not realize that while the original owner might get the keys, there might also be other master pins that are left in the lock.

    When this occurs, the lock may still be accessed by doubling the number of keys for each of the master pins that are still in the lock.

    Yet, if you rekey, it will allow the locksmith to remove all the remaining master pins in order for a single key to open the locks.

    Beneficial for Current Residents

    Rekeying does not just make sense for the new homeowners.

    It can also be beneficial for other people, especially those who have lived in the same house.

    After a long period of time, there might be instances where homeowners have given a spare key to a family or friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

    However, the keys that have been temporarily lent to others can now easily be duplicated.

    Hence, they can be in the possession of other people, even those that you might not want to gain entry into your home.

    If you are not certain whether there are spare keys at home that are spread around, then it is best to rekey the doors into a single key so as to solve the issue right away.

    After you have rekeyed the home, you can now gain control of the key inventory as well as who has access to it.

    Call a Locksmith Professional

    A locksmith rekeys the lock by means of simply removing the pins and the springs in the lock cylinder so they can be replaced with new pins and springs that can work only with a specific key.

    This means that you no longer have to replace the locks in themselves.

    Furthermore, you can also have the guarantee that the locks can work with only one key that you control over.

    A professional locksmith in Durham can also inspect the locks and check the condition, aside from simply replacing the parts that are worn.

    Because the rekeying of the home makes sure the safety of the family and the valuables are intact, it is recommended that it is done every few years.

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