How Often Should A Business In Durham Rekey Its Locks?

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    How Often Should A Business In Durham Rekey Its Locks?

    When it comes to the security of your business, maintaining a robust lock system is not a luxury, but a necessity. One fundamental aspect of maintaining this security is to rekey your locks regularly. This simple, yet crucial step, provides enhanced security, protects your assets, and keeps your business running smoothly.

    Understanding Rekeying

    Before we dive into the frequency of rekeying, it’s essential to understand what it means. Rekeying your locks means changing the internal workings of a lock so that the existing keys no longer operate it. A professional locksmith will give you a new set of keys matching the reconfigured lock.

    When to Rekey Your Business

    The frequency of rekeying depends on various factors, including the nature of your business, the employee turnover rate, and the level of security required. Nevertheless, a general guideline is to consider rekeying your business in the following scenarios:

    1. Employee turnover: Whenever an employee with key access leaves the company, it’s good practice to rekey the locks. This step ensures that no unauthorized individuals have access to your business.
    2. Security breaches: If your business has been the victim of burglary or theft, rekeying should be a top priority to enhance security.
    3. Lost keys: If keys are lost and you’re unsure about where they ended up, rekeying is the safest option.
    4. Moving into new premises: If you’re moving into a new office, rekeying is a must, as you never know who might still have a key from the previous tenant.
    5. Periodic rekeying: Even if none of the above situations arise, consider rekeying your locks every couple of years as a proactive security measure.

    Business Rekey Services and Costs in Durham

    The cost of rekeying services can vary depending on the type and number of locks you have. Here’s a detailed table with the average costs for our business rekey services in Durham.

    Service Cost
    Basic Rekey $15-$25 per lock
    High-Security Lock Rekey $30-$50 per lock
    Master Key System Rekey $20-$35 per lock
    Keyless Entry System Rekey $50-$100 per lock

    For a comprehensive understanding of our prices, refer to our detailed guide on how much a locksmith costs.

    Why Choose Our Company?

    At Locks n’ Load Durham, we’re committed to offering top-notch, reliable locksmith services. With us, you can expect fast, efficient service from professional locksmiths who prioritize your security. Our team is skilled at handling a wide variety of locks, including high-security locks, keyless entry systems, and master key lock systems. For us, your safety and satisfaction are paramount.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Does It Take to Rekey a Lock?

    Rekeying a lock can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the lock. However, bear in mind that this estimate doesn’t include the time needed for travel and assessing the situation.

    Can Any Lock Be Rekeyed?

    Most locks can be rekeyed. However, certain types, like some smart locks or keyless entry systems, may have different procedures for changing access. A professional locksmith can guide you on the best security measures for these types of locks.

    What’s the Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing a Lock?

    Rekeying involves changing the inner mechanism of the lock, so the old key no longer works, whereas replacing a lock means installing an entirely new hardware unit. Check out our lock change service if you think your locks need a complete upgrade.

    Is It Cheaper to Rekey or Replace Locks?

    Rekeying is usually less expensive than replacing locks since it involves fewer materials and labor. However, in certain cases, such as outdated or damaged locks, replacement might be the better option.

    In Conclusion

    Regular rekeying is a simple yet effective measure for enhancing your business security. Recognizing the scenarios that call for a rekey, knowing your options, and partnering with a trusted locksmith company is the recipe for a secure business.

    Are you in Durham and looking for reliable, professional locksmith services? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Locks n’ Load Durham today. We’re always ready to help you secure your business.

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