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    Safeguarding your property and protecting you family is a priority for all homeowners.

    These crucial aspirations can only be done with well-maintained locks and keys.

    Because when locks and keys fail, safety protocols will be put to a halt.

    The best thing to do when problems concerning locks and keys is to contact a local locksmith to assist you.

    A mobile locksmith will figure out the problem and give the best professional solution.

    Among the many locksmithing companies in Durham, Locks&Load Durham is one of the best in the field.

    We offer affordable and reliable locksmithing services to help you achieve the utmost protection you desire for your property and family.

    Read more to know who we are, what services can we do for you.

    Who We Are

    Locks&Load Durham is a team of professional locksmiths in Durham that have undergone multiple trainings in our year of experience.

    Our team is dynamic, trustworthy, can work under pressure, and efficient in providing the quality service for you.

    We take pride in our service executions along with our loyal customers’ satisfaction.

    If you are looking for a local locksmith in Durham, the search is over; hire us now for any locksmithing service.

    Our Services

    As professional locksmiths, our services cover any type of lock and keys problem.

    We also extend these services depending on your situation to personally address your needs.

    Here is the list of our common locksmithing services:

    Lock Services

    For our lock services, we have various options to choose from before deciding to install them on your doors, windows, mailboxes, cabinets, and more.

    We have different types of brands that are recommended by specialists.

    Besides installation, we also do repairs and replacements for damaged and old locks that are exposed to wear and tear.

    Check out these specified sections below about our lock services:

    Lock Maintenance

    Maintaining your lock’s condition is part of taking care of them to keep them functioning for a long time.

    With everyday use, it is indeed possible that they will malfunction; the components inside getting out of place.

    To prevent this from happening, hire us for time-to-time lock maintenance to ensure its condition.

    Lockout Services

    Experiencing a lockout is frustrating and time-consuming.

    It is an exasperating experience that seems a big deal, but most of the time, it is not.

    If your keys are lost or stolen, contact us for assistance to immediately solve the problem.

    The issue will not heighten with the accurate methods we provide.

    Lock Rekeying

    In connection, another service that we do for locks is lock rekeying.

    Lock rekeying is a cheaper alternative during a lockout crisis.

    If you have lost your keys or got them stolen, accessing your locks would be difficult, so we advise you to avail this service for a convenient solution.

    Key Services

    Of course, your locks will not function without their keys.

    We cover key services like repair, replacement, and duplication.

    For broken, rusted, and lost or stolen keys, we got you covered.

    Also, we suggest you have your keys duplicated because having spare ones will save you most of the time.

    Ask us how our key services work by giving us a call.

    Emergency Services 24/7

    Malfunctions and emergencies are unprecedented.

    You will never know when these dilemmas will come to you, so best be prepared.

    Locks&Load Durham offers quality services anytime and anywhere because we understand that emergencies do not conform to time.

    Why you should hire us?

    We are a team of expert locksmiths that will help you in times of crisis, and improve the security quality of your home.

    Professionalism and Expertise

    We have garnered years of experience in the locksmithing industry to prove our professionalism.

    Our locksmiths are exposed to various training and workshops to practice their skills.

    We really take pride in our services with a professional attitude.


    We understand the anxiety in having other people know your private property, but we ensure you that we handle our jobs professionally.

    We are honest and transparent when it comes to our tasks.

    We provide reports about the processes, choices, and progress of our job.

    Looking for a local locksmith? Call Locks&Load Durham Now!

    For a local locksmith in Durham, Locks&Load Durham is the best locksmith company to hire.

    Give us a call and we will talk about the services that suit you best.

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