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    A locksmith is someone who assists in installing, changing, repairing locks and everything connected: keys, doors, and more.

    Our job is to make property owners feel secure with our services.

    Of course, this applies to business owners.

    In fact, ensuring the security of an establishment is far more complicated than residential homes.

    Of course, businesses involve more people to consider, and the area is much wider to protect.

    More risks and possibilities are also affiliated with commercial areas.

    You might encounter a commercial lockout, eviction, emergencies, and many more.

    Hiring a commercial locksmith in Durham would take a lot of stress from you during commercial crises.

    A Commercial Locksmith’s Job Roles

    Wondering what is our specific job roles besides the general aiding to your situation?

    Here are our detailed roles and the services we offer:

    1. Commercial Lockout

    As mentioned above, we come to the rescue during a commercial lockout.

    We help employers, and employees get into or out of their establishment when door locks are having their issues.

    Our services extend to the equipment inside the establishment like file cabinets, safes, panic bar doors, and more.

    2. Commercial Installation

    Besides rescuing you from lockouts, we also offer installation services.

    Our services range from traditional standard locks to modern ones such as smart and electronic locks.

    In addition, we can also troubleshoot master key systems and other control systems.

    3. Commercial Lock Replacement

    Moreover, we cater to businesses wanting to have their locks changed.

    If your locks are old enough or malfunction, our services extend to changing them for you.

    We have a wide range of lock types to select the most suitable type for your business.

    4. Commercial Lock Repair

    In connection, if your locks are malfunctioning, we offer lock repairs.

    We have the necessary and latest equipment to solve your issues with your locks.

    The difference between lock replacement and lock repair is your preferred method to change access.

    If you consider lock replacement, the lock will be replaced with a new one.

    Meanwhile, with lock repairs, we will repair the damage identified in the lock.

    5. Commercial Lock Rekey

    Commercial Lock Rekey is similar to lock repair.

    We will not change the lock, but we will provide a new set of keys and pins for the existing lock.

    The pins of the old lock will be changed with the newly provided ones, as well as the existing keys to replace with the new set.

    6. Commercial Eviction

    One of the most troublesome situations that you, as a business owner, might encounter is tenant eviction.

    If you have an employee or a renter in your business who has violated your rules and the situation is getting out of hand, a commercial eviction might be the solution you are thinking of.

    We will assist you throughout the long commercial eviction process; then proceed to the desired process of lock changing.

    7. Commercial Security Upgrades

    As mentioned, we are equipped with advanced technology and materials to deal with your locks.

    For maintenance and enhanced security, we provide security upgrades for your business.

    Locks&Load Durham is composed of skilled locksmiths who specialize in this type of job.

    With our years of experience, we are aware of the practices and motives of intruders; thus, we know how to counter them.

    Take a look at these advanced technologies we can install for your establishment:

    Desk, file, and cabinet locks

    Our services expand from door locks to file locks.

    Of course, your files need protection, too.

    Similar to door locks, they deteriorate over time or experience any issues that need to be dealt with.

    After identifying the problem, we will think of a solution when it comes to these locks.

    Security gates

    We do not only cover doors; we extend our services to bigger doors—gates.


    It is only natural that you want to monitor what is happening around your business, leading you to install CCTVs.

    We can install them for you.


    In relation to CCTVs, another technology for an added layer of security are alarms.

    Control systems

    We offer everything from the standard control system to the master key control system.


    For a more secure place to keep your files, we have safes to ensure their confidentiality.

    Fire doors and panic doors installation

    The state requires the installation of fire and panic doors for every business.

    Make sure to install them for the safety of your employees.

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