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    Evicting a tenant from your property is a hassle and costly.

    You will undergo long steps to finalize it.

    Still, it is worth the energy and money if it brings you peace of mind.

    Locks&Load Durham offers locksmith eviction services to property owners who wish to have a smooth, efficient, and affordable process.

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    Legal Eviction Services

    Actualizing legal eviction is a long process.

    1. Notice Period

    The first thing towards legal eviction is to give your tenant a Notice to Comply or Notice of Payment.

    It also depends on the area you are residing.

    Perhaps there are additional requirements or terms to consider.

    • Notice to Comply – the Notice to Comply is given to renters to warn them when you are already planning for an eviction.
    • Usually, tenants are given ten days to comply with what you are asking for, whether to pay damages for certain violations.
    • Notice of Payment – Meanwhile, the Notice of Payment is a warning to tenants who have not paid their dues for an extended period of time.

    In the notice, they are given 14 days to pay their dues.

    If the tenant already reaches the notice period expiration, they must leave your place within 30 days.

    You will give them the Notice to Quit to notify them that it is irrevocable.

    2. Petition for Eviction

    The next step applies when the tenant does not or cannot move out.

    This step alone has many sub-steps.

    You will file a petition for eviction at the Civil Court.

    After the approval, the marshals and locksmiths get involved in the eviction process.

    Please keep in mind that we can only act according to the court’s decision.

    You need to request a Warrant of Eviction, which will come after a Notice of Eviction is given.

    It usually takes six to seven days to process.

    3. Locksmith Eviction Services

    After finalizing the documents needed to comply, we can now actualize our jobs.

    What we do is change locks or rekey them for long-term security.

    Lock Change

    One way to completely evict your tenant from your property is to change locks.

    It ensures that the keys your tenant possesses can no longer be used.

    It also assures that the future tenant will feel safe in the place.

    Lock Rekey

    On the other hand, lock rekey is the method used if you do not want to change your locks.

    If you still want to use your existing lock, what we will do is rekey them.

    The result is similar to lock changing, eliminating any previous keys’ access to the lock.

    We will change the pins inside the existing lock and give a new set of keys.

    Locksmith Eviction Services at Locks&Load Durham

    If you are searching for a mobile locksmith in Durham, we have experts in the field to assist you.

    We understand that evicting a tenant can be dangerous and stressful, but we are here to help you.

    It might take a long way, but it is for the best.

    Hire us now to actualize your eviction plans.

    We are accredited.

    Our locksmiths are experienced in this field.

    We have encountered many problems that involve locks and keys, so we already know the solution to them.

    We also constantly join training and workshops to enhance our skills.

    Furthermore, we can prove our credibility through our accreditation documents and certificates.

    With years of experience in the field, we will not fail you.

    We offer affordable fees.

    Our fees are inexpensive.

    We understand that it is already a hassle for you to complete the legal eviction process, so we would not put more burden on your shoulders.

    We are equipped with the latest hardware.

    We use top-quality equipment in doing our jobs.

    We constantly maintain them to ensure that the process will run smoothly.

    We are dedicated to affordability; we provide excellent service at a low price.

    We operate 24/7.

    Problems occur anytime.

    We will never know when it will happen, so it is best to be prepared.

    Once you call us of an emergency, we will be right there.

    We accept calls anytime, so you do not need to worry if you have problems late at night.

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