How to start a car without a key? DIY Guide

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    how to start car without key

    Imagine in a case if you lost your car key nothing is more frustrating than that situation. You failed to find it in your home, pocket, etc. So, definitely you will be worried. The first question comes into our mind How do start our car without a key? and then we start to think about the techniques. Here in this article, I will tell you two techniques about how to start a car without a key. The techniques that we can apply are

    Techniques to start a car without a key

    1. Spare Key
    2. Use a hot-wired method

    Let’s discuss the above points step by step.

    1 Spare Key

    If you have saved your spare key before then it’s time to use it. Note that modern cars require a specific one-key or fob key to unlock. If the spare key is not programmed for the car’s system, it’s not working. In this case, if the spare key is not working then you may call a mechanic or tow truck to repair your car.

    It’s a good habit to have a spare key for your car in case of emergencies. This can help you get back on the road quickly.

    2 Use a hot-wired method

    In the Hot-wired method, we directly connect the starter motor to the battery. It ideally works for old model cars. Remove the steering wheel plastic cover and open the screws. Before moving forward make sure that you put rubber gloves on your hands. Mostly the battery wires should be red in color and the ignition wires yellow. Use a tool to connect the wires and make sure you twist it in the right way. This method is often used to start a car that has lost its key or has a damaged ignition system. It is a quick and easy way to start a car, but it is also illegal and can damage the car’s electrical system if not done properly.

    Will All Cars start without a key?

    No, all cars do not start without a key. Many new cars have advanced powerful security systems that require a specific key or key fob to start the car. These systems use electronic signals to confirm that the correct key is being used and will not allow the car to start if an incorrect key is used or if the system is bypassed. Some older cars may still have a traditional ignition system that can be hot-wired to start the car, but this is becoming increasingly rare and is often illegal. In general, it is not possible to start a car without a key unless you have the proper tools and knowledge to bypass the security system.

    Can You Drive a Keyless car without a key?

    If we’re talking about the traditional, metal key, you can drive a keyless car without it. You must, however, have some kind of access device, such as a key fob, card, or smartphone. You won’t be able to start or drive the vehicle without an access device, and you’ll only be able to move 10 feet away from it before the engine shuts down.

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