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    A panic bar door lock is essential hardware primarily used by big establishments with many employees.

    The installation of one does not only apply to them, though.

    If necessary and required by the state, some buildings have them installed.

    A panic bar door is necessary because it serves as the fire exit of the people.

    It is an entry and exit point that can be easily found and opened by residents.

    It is designed for emergency use; hence, its functionality is opened outwards, generally pushing them for hurried use.

    We expand these six types of panic doors to give you an option on what kind of lock to choose.

    Give us a call after deciding what works best for you or if you have inquiries regarding them.

    A locksmith at Locks&Load Durham is always prepared to answer your questions and concerns.

    Panic Bar Door Locks Mechanisms

    Here are two types of panic bar door lock mechanisms:

    1. Latch Mechanism

    The latch mechanism type works like the standard door latch.

    Its operation works like this: the latch releases when the handle is pressed down, then the door opens.

    This type has two variations.

    It can be a single latch in the center or three latches at the top and bottom of the door.

    2. Bolt Mechanism

    The bolt mechanism type comes with a long bolt that moves upward, securing the top and bottom areas.

    It works like this: the bolts get pulled when the bar gets pushed, resulting in the door opening.

    On a side note, please remember that doors come in different sizes.

    If your bolts do not match the door’s size, you can cut them down.

    3. Panic Bar Door Lock Handle

    Latch and bolt mechanisms are the two types of door locks.

    Let us now proceed to the handle of the panic door.

    4. Push Bar

    Push bars can be easily recognized by many.

    They are primarily used in public places like hospitals, restaurants, schools, and of course, establishments.

    Push bars are accompanied by the sign “Fire Exit” to make it more recognizable.

    They are deemed the most effective because of their efficiency and accommodation.

    Plenty of people can access it at the same time, which is perfect for emergencies, especially that it is inevitable for some people to panic.

    To note, push bars are similar to bolts; they can be cut down to adjust to the door it will be installed.

    5. Touch Bar

    Touch bars function like push bars; they also look similar.

    What differs between the two is that the touch bar works like a button.

    Unlike push bars, you need to press the bar, meaning you exert more effort to open them.

    Touch bars work on both mechanisms.

    Hence, it electronically opens the door when pressed, unlike a mechanical system.

    6. Push Pad

    A push pad is perfect for discreet purposes.

    It works like push bars, but it does not have a bar attached to the doors.

    While push bars are perfect for public places due to their obviousness, push pads are best for private areas with fewer inhabitants like warehouses.

    7. External Latch

    An external latch is attached to the exterior part of the panic door regardless of the panic bar door lock type.

    It is additional hardware for enhanced security that enables access through doors with panic exit equipment.

    Panic bar doors are locked from the outside; thus, they can only be opened from the outside.

    Hire a locksmith from Locks&Load Durham

    Deciding what type of panic bar door lock is not an easy task.

    It is crucial to choose the most suitable in your place.

    Give us a call to help you assess the surrounding.

    Our locksmith will give suggestions on what is the best type to select that will promote enhanced security in your establishment.

    Locks&Load Durham offers panic bar door lock installation for an affordable fee if you are from Durham and nearby areas.

    Our technicians are experts in their field with years of experience and training exposure to qualify for these kinds of jobs.

    Apart from panic bar door lock installation, we also offer other locksmithing services such as lock change repair and change.

    If you are looking for a mobile locksmith in Durham, we got you covered 24/7—call us now for inquiries!

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