Deadbolt Installation

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    As property owners, we are cautious about our things.

    This applies to our locks, as well, especially that they ensure safety and security to our properties.

    A well-maintained lock increases your security and lessens the risks of experiencing troublesome situations.

    Some ways to update our front door can be as simple as repainting and lock replacing.

    In this post, we will show you the steps on how to do a deadbolt installation to upgrade the security of your property.

    Among the many types of locks, deadbolts are the most recommended due to their advanced level of security.

    If you are not confident enough to perform a do-it-yourself deadbolt installation, you may contact a locksmith from our team for assistance.

    Required Tools for Deadbolt Installation

    To conduct your DIY deadbolt installation, prepare these tools for a smoother process.

    Have them near you to save time, so you do not have to search for them at the exact moment when you need them.

    • Deadbolt lockset
    • 4-in-1 screwdriver
    • Drill bit set
    • Combination square
    • Corded drill
    • Hole saw kit
    • Wood chisel
    • Safety glasses
    • Hearing protection
    • Extension cord
    • Tape measure
    • Utility knife

    After the preparation, let us move on to the steps.

    We have seven easy steps to follow.

    1. Reference the template provided by the manufacturers.

    Upon purchasing your deadbolt lockset, manufacturers provide a template for the installation process.

    Follow this template along with our given steps.

    Please remember that the template is just a reference.

    It will still depend on your door and its thickness, so adjust when necessary.

    Now, mark the door with an awl.

    Usually, the measurement is at least 6” above the doorknob.

    2. Drill a hole for the deadbolt.

    After marking the reference points provided by the template, use your hole saw and cut a hole for the deadbolt.

    Stop cutting when the pilot bit placed on the hole saw comes through the door side.

    Complete the drilling from the other side to avoid splinters.

    After this procedure, observe if the hole is not deep enough.

    If it is not, penetrate the exterior face using a standard bit.

    3. Drill a hole through the door’s edge.

    After drilling a hole for the deadbolt, drill another hole through the door’s edge.

    To do this, use a 7/8’’ spade bit.

    4. Mortise the area surrounding the faceplate.

    Consistently, mortise the surrounding the faceplate.

    Perform this step by dry-fitting the bolt into the hole, then tracing it around the faceplate.

    Next, get your wood chisel to mortise it, allowing it to be flushed with the door.

    Please remember to keep the beveled side of the chisel in toward the area.

    Then, recess the faceplate by pressing it deep enough.

    5. Securely attach the bolt to the door.

    Continue to precede the process by securely attaching the bolt to the door.

    Mortise it precisely until the faceplate suits accurately.

    Secure the bolt using screws after drilling pilot holes.

    6. Install the thumb-turn plate and cylinder.

    We are almost done with the installation; hang in there!

    The next step will be to install the thumb-turn plate and cylinder to make sure that the components fit together correctly.

    Fit the outer side first to ensure that it is upright.

    Proceed to the inner side afterward.

    If they fit perfectly, utilize the mounting holes of the lock to align the screw holes.

    Lastly, attach the deadbolt with screws.

    7. Secure the placement of the strike plate.

    For the last part, secure the strike plate’s placement.

    Do this by marking the bolt’s end with something you can draw, like paint or lipstick.

    Next, close the door and mark the deadbolt by turning it many times.

    You will need to use your 7/8” spade bit again to drill the overlapping holes in the doorframe.

    Afterward, mortise the area surrounding the hole, allowing the strike plate to fit perfectly with the doorframe.

    End the deadbolt installation by drilling pilot holes and securing the strike plate using screws.

    Deadbolt Installation at Locks&Load Durham.

    If you are unsuccessful with your DIY attempt, never hesitate to reach a locksmith company like us for assistance.

    Locks&Load Durham provides 27/7 locksmith services for an affordable fee.

    If you are looking for a mobile locksmith in Durham, we are the one you are looking for.

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